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Faculty Mentoring, Supervision and Teaching Effectiveness Plan

Fall 2013


Table of Contents

New Teachers Orientation. 1

Senior Teacher Observations: 2

Transition to Teaching: 2

Teaching Assignments: 2

Peer to Peer Observations: 2

Annual Professional Development Plan: 2


New Teachers Orientation

Before a teaching assignment begins, new teachers meet with the President and are given a copy of the Faculty, Administrators and Support Staff Handbook. The following issues are discussed:

·        Job Description Guide 2013

·        School Catalog - Volume 29 Summer 2013

·        On-Going Student Orientation Guide

·        Ongoing Monthly Orientation Planner:  The Foreign Student's Guide to the Surrounding New York City Culture and Community

·        The TOEIC Speaking and Writing Examinee Handbook

·        ESL Teacher Orientation: Standards of Good Practice in ESL Teaching

·        ESL Curriculum Outcomes Map

·        Teacher Bi-Monthly Examination Duplication Request Form

·        Proficiency Descriptors for ESL-Plus Course of Study

·        Faculty Memo and Terms of Employment 2012

·        Faculty Performance Standards and Expectations Signature Sheet 2013

·        Good Classroom Practices

·        Textbooks: ESL Literacy. WorldView and NorthStar

·        ESL-Plus Course of Study Syllabi - Summer 2013

·        ESL Teacher Resources Memo

·        A Training Video: Using A Rubric To Grade  MyLab Speaking and Writing

·        Speaking and Writing Assessments

·        Sample Rubrics: Speaking and Writing

·        Other Student Assessments

·        ESL Teacher Observations Form Template and Memo

·        Teacher Mentoring and Evaluations

·        Professional Growth/Annual Professional Development Plan

Senior Teacher Observations:

Before a teaching assignment begins, a new teacher observes all class levels, including those of the out-going teacher’s classes they will be assigned to teach.  This allows the new faculty member to learn how the ESOL Course of Study is sequenced and to develop relationships with their peers.


After each observation, the President and new teacher meet to debrief and discuss the level and lessons they observed, as well as the classroom management style of teacher just observed.

Transition to Teaching:

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, before observing all of the out-going teacher’s classes, a review of the objectives, student learning outcomes, and assessment procedures for each level occurs. After observing the classes of the out-going teacher, the new faculty member also learns specific information regarding the needs of each student, as well as, as the upcoming lessons to be covered.

Teaching Assignments:

Teachers are encouraged to take advantage of the Institute’s “Open Door Policy” whereby they can meet with the President and Dean of Academic affairs anytime they have questions and/or concerns.


In addition, within the first three months of a new teaching assignment, the Dean of Academic Affairs meets with the new teacher for a pre-observation, classroom observation and post observation meeting. The Dean will provide the first formal evaluation within one year of their start date.


The Dean of Academic Affairs also meets with new teachers at the quarterly staff meetings and during the “Idea Exchange” luncheon for informal discussion about their teaching experiences.


Peer to Peer Observations:

Senior teachers, trained by the President and/or Dean of Academic Affairs to use the Teacher Evaluation form, conduct annual classroom observations, which includes the classrooms of new teachers after the first year of their teaching assignment.


The President and Dean of Academic Affairs are available to discuss any aspect of the observation process if questions or concerns arise.

Annual Professional Development Plan:

Within two months of an Annual Peer Observation, the Dean of Academic Affairs meets with each teacher to review their Peer Observation, along with student surveys in order to develop a yearly professional development plan together.